Chair's Report

Our annual review is a summary of our work last year. The difficult economic circumstances we have found ourselves in make it even more important that we use our resources to make a lasting impact, and use what we have in the most effective way.

In this year’s report, we have used the framework of the Well Being of Future Generations Act, to show how we contribute to make Wales a better place in the long term.

With less public money now and in future, we have also been concentrating on value for money and building our financial strength to ensure we can continue to provide new homes and services to current and future residents. This work is evidenced in the increase in the number of homes we are building and the support we are able to give to improve employability and skills in our communities.

My thanks go to staff, partners and my colleagues on the Board who give their time to make Cadwyn a success.

Iwan Jones


We are working to achieve 4 results:

1. People live and work in environmentally sustainable homes, workplaces and communities

What would this look like?

Our homes would be as energy efficient as possible, we’d be reducing our carbon footprint and investment would be in sustainable technologies

What have we achieved?

99% of our homes are energy efficient (have SAP rating of 65+)

Saved a quarter of our tenants on average £267 per year

Our CO2 emissions have reduced by 7.18% and the percentage of CO2 produced through Cadwyn miles has reduced by 15%

4 staff took advantage of our Cycle To Work scheme

2. People live in well managed and maintained homes

What would this look like?

Our properties will be of a good standard and would be well looked after, people would be safe, tenants would stay with us, we’d deal with ASB well where it happens, we’d continue to provide more homes through the private sector as well as traditional ownership, and we wouldn’t have many complaints.

What have we achieved?

97% of people live in properties that meet Welsh Government standard
99% of tenants are satisfied with the standard of planned maintenance / improvements
97% of tenants who were supported, maintained their tenancy for over a year after the end of support
88% of tenants are satisfied with the standard of maintenance
98% of residents at NIghtingale House feel safe in their homes
77% of ASB cases resolved
88% of tenants feel safe in their homes
85% of tenants feel safe in their communities
72% of tenants feel settled in their communities
3. Communities are strong and resilient

What would this look like?

Tenants are equipped to participate with us and in the broader community through their engagement with us, they feel they understand about services and satisfied with their ability to influence and participate through traditional and digital means. Debt is minimised and people have access to financial services and assistance to help them into work. Access to housing and services is fair to all sections of the community.

What have we achieved?

people were supported through Realise Your Potential, (34 of whom were tenants) and 23 people gained employment with the support of RYP

of our tenants are in rent arrears

of tenants feel they are treated fairly

  • We handed over 55 new homes, including our first housing co-operative, and 4 shops as part of a regeneration project
  • We provided temporary accommodation through our leasing scheme for 727 families, and 96 families through Nightingale House

  • We visited 55 older people at home who were either tenants or referred by the North Cardiff GP cluster, to reduce isolation and increase wellbeing

  • Supported 67 people through our RYP scheme, 35% of whom gained employment

  •  Worked with partners to provide 4 apprenticeships and 8 opportunities for work experience in the construction industry
  • Provided 106 volunteering opportunities

  • Reduced our carbon emissions  by 7%

  • Provided low cost furniture to 164 families

4. Cadwyn is a strong and independent social business valued for our contribution

What would this look like?

We would be accredited by external agencies for the standard of our service, we’d be financially viable and have good quality Board and staff. We would be innovative and explore new ways to diversify and generate income to support core services.

What have we achieved?


2015: £11.4m

2016: £12.0m


2015: £0.8m

2016: £0.62m


2015: £5.3m

2016: £5.9m

Our average collected vs collectable (rent collection) is 99%
Percentage of healthy staff days 97.89%
£11 million cash income in 2016
  • The homes we own
  • Specialist accommodation for people with support needs
  • Temporary accommodation scheme
  • Revenue Grants such as Supporting People Grants
  • Other Incomes such as CanDo Decorators, PV Panels, House Swap Wales
How Cadwyn spends each penny in a pound
  • Money we cant collect and have to write off
  • Other Costs
  • Loan repayments
  • Services to tenants and looking after our estates
  • Repairs and reinvestment

Cadwyn has spent £5 million on new homes in 2016

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act was passed by the Welsh Government at the beginning of 2015

Although the Act doesn’t apply to housing associations, we decided that the 7 goals are important to a better future for our tenants. We decided to see how what we did during the year matched up to them. This is what we found:

1) A prosperous Wales

Many of our tenants are on a low income, and some are experiencing greater poverty. Our approach is two pronged: helping tenants maximise their income and make it stretch further, and creating opportunities for those who can work to increase skills and confidence.

One tenant was received an extra £139 per week after we helped her to claim benefits she didn’t know she was entitled to. The tenant said

‘I feel the support I’ve been given has been very beneficial and I feel a huge sense of relief. Bailiffs are no longer coming over my stress has reduced so much’.

2) A resilient Wales

In the context of a global economy and rapid change in all aspects of our lives ( social, economic and environmental) we are trying to support tenants to adapt in a number of ways. These include gaining new skills, reducing isolation, recycling and re-use, reducing our Carbon emissions and supporting tenants to take more responsibility for their homes.

We have installed over 1,000 solar panel units on our properties and will continue to install them where possible. Our staff drive pool cars which had been chosen with efficiency in mind in addition to the CO2 per staff being reduced by 7% over the past 12 months.

3) A healthier Wales

Those that live in social housing have disproportionately poor health compared with those living in other tenures. Encouraging fitness, healthy lifestyles, good mental health, reducing isolation are all ways we can help tenants and staff stay well and healthy.

Our Tenant Support Service recently helped a tenant that had lost weight and suffered from mental health issues after the death of her partner.

Regular one-to-one sessions were held which led to the tenant accessing a dietician and other mental health services. This led to the tenant increasing their weight to a healthy level in addition to improving her social life.

`The support I’ve received from Cadwyn has been 10/10. I would like to thank all the staff for their help, especially my Tenant Support Officer. Without her I would still be sitting in my flat feeling sorry for myself, but now I have things to look forward to. They are the best housing association that I’ve been with’.

4) A more equal Wales

People being able to have equal access to good quality homes and services provide a platform for a fairer Wales.

Our broad approach is to offer a range of opportunities to those who are disadvantaged to enable them to improve skills or reduce social isolation. Examples include volunteering opportunities in Cadwyn, in NuLife furniture and in external organisations through “Realise your Potential”

We recently helped three local young people find employment after completing a Get Into Construction course. On this course the group received training in First Aid, Health and Safety, and went on to gain a CSCS licence which is an essential qualification that proves to employers that you can work on a construction site safely. They then went on to redevelop a piece of land at the Old Library, Splott
From this course three of the attendees gained employment. Dale said

‘ I really enjoyed this course, it’s given me experience of construction and has helped me to find a job. I cannot thank Cadwyn enough for this, it’s changed my life’.

We want to see our tenant’s flourish in all areas of life and one of the key ways we can do that is to help them gain skills to find employment. Realise Your Potential have helped over 23 people complete employment related training over the past 12 months.

We have also put on a Get Into Construction training course which saw 3 local young people find employment.

5) Cohesive Communities

Much of our work is aimed at supporting communities to thrive. This includes building social housing and helping tenants who need some support to maintain their tenancies. It includes our work providing services to private landlords (CanDo Lettings and Calon Residential leasing)

In December we opened our Home Farm Village in Ely. This development by Cadwyn Housing Association is made up of 41 flats and houses.  All tenants are members of the co-operative and they make up the elected Board who are responsible for making decisions on how the properties are managed. We feel this is a great example of a group of tenants taking responsibility for their own community.

Sometimes relationships do break down and we are keen to work in partnership to improve things. This year, we took part in the pilot project between housing associations and the Police and Crime Commissioner to try and find a more joined up way to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Our volunteering projects are open to all, as are many of the groups and events we run. We also support local charities, last year we have fundraised for Oasis Centre in Splott,  Llamau, Latch, Velindre & Cardiff Food Bank.

6) A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language

We recognise that our tenants have many interests and work hard to find opportunities to match. During the year, we encouraged tenants to share their own talents. Running the food co-op, learning photography, taking advantage of summer schools offered by the university, becoming digital champions, and giving other tenants advice on energy use were just some of the activities on offer.

Through partnership arrangements, we were able to offer Sherman theatre tickets at minimal cost as well as provide opportunities to watch Cardiff City football matches.

We have started to work with the Welsh Language Commissioner to increase our support for the use of the welsh language in our work.

7) A globally responsible Wales

By improving the quality and standard of our homes, providing opportunities for tenants and contributing to our communities we are trying to do our bit to contribute to the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Wales. The more we can do, the more we contribute to global well being.

Future Ambitions

Our Business Strategy underpins the financial planning for future years. However, within the parameters of the strategy, we will pursue opportunities that enable to Cadwyn to grow and develop in addition to mainstream social housing developments. Some of these will contribute to our wider purpose in terms of increasing housing supply directly, while others will generate income to fund further supply and services.

With Thanks to:

Welsh Government, Cardiff Council, Partners, Lenders, Colleagues, Volunteers, Board Members, Staff & Tenants who helped us succeed.

We look forward to working with you in the future!